Oven Mitt XL - Grey/Black

Bjørn Wiinblad


The discreet grey oven glove with Bjørn Wiinblad’s signature in black is made of 100% cotton, and its extra-long length and polyester fill offer full protection when you have to get that hot lasagne out of the oven, or when you need to turn those juicy steaks on the barbecue. The oven glove has one strap for hanging and looks great on a hook in a stylish kitchen or as a supplement to your barbecue gear in the garage. The oven glove is machine-washable, of course, so it will always look nice and clean in your kitchen. Combine the oven glove with the Bjørn Wiinblad tea towel in the same black and grey tones for the perfect gift set for the king of the barbecue!

Series: Bjørn Wiinblad
Color: Black/Grey
Material: 100% Cotton, Polyester padding
Depth: 7.8"
Width: 15.7"
Note: Please note: Machine washable at 140°F.



Type: Decor

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