Storage Jar - Red lid, 2.1 Qt



Keep order in the kitchen with this Nanna Ditzel storage jar. The storage jar’s 2-litre capacity makes it indispensible for storing flour, porridge oats or pasta, for example. The clear glass has an attractive graphic surface, and the red silicone lid provides a tight seal against the soda lime silicate glass. This makes the storage jar ideal for display on the kitchen table or on open shelves, and it can help to create an overview behind cabinet doors. The generously proportioned, classic design of the storage jar makes it attractive as a vase, too.

Series: Nanna Ditzel
Color: Red
Material: Silicone lid.
Diameter: 5.5"
Height: 6.2"
Volume: 2.1 Qt.
Please note: Lead-free glass. Dishwasher safe, max. 130° F.

Type: Storage

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